Three-zone heated blanket

Heated Sauna Blanket with 3 individual/simultaneous treatment zones of heat application.


Fully Electric three-zone heated blanket. 24V low voltage operation with electronic control box with timer for automatic switch off. Treat your clients to the experience of a sauna. Dry heat is an effective means to weight loss and cellulite reduction, with the application of dry heat the moisture in the body is released thereby increasing circulation and cellular exchange.  The initial heating phase improves circulation & muscular oxygenation.


  • 3 individual/simultaneous treatment zones of heat application
  • Electronic control box with easy to operate push button controls
  • Acoustic signal for end of treatment and automatic switch off
  • Automatic Temperature Protection with Electro Block safety system and low voltage (24V) operation
  • Protective cover for the pectoral area, support pillow and adjustable inner foot cover
  • Replaceable heating panels

230-240 V 3 x 90 Watt

Dimensions: open: 190 x 215 cm / closed: 80 x 185cm

Water repellent material

Weight 12.5kg

Made in Italy

Replaceable heated panels