Ionto Woods Lamp and stand

Second-hand Ionto Woodslamp and Stand

Combination Lamp for quality skin diagnosis (black-light) for skin analysis and treatment (cold-light), white for illumination

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Second-hand Ionto Woodslamp and Stand.

Professional Combination Lamp for quality skin diagnosis (black-light) and treatment (cold-light), white for illumination

The use of a Woods Lamp is vital for any assessment of the skin.

By using colour coding of the skin it highlights where the problems lie in your skin, and which problem is more of a cause for concern enabling you to prioritise each skin problem and treat accordingly. It is ideal to track the skins progress upon the beginning of each treatment. For example if there is any presence of sensitivity in the skin then this must be treated as a priority skin problem to begin with. By treating sensitivity first, you will build a stronger, more tolerant and receptive skin to work with.
Once the skin has been cleansed, steamed and exfoliated thus preparing the skin for exfoliation, the Woods Lamp can then be used to work with while you extract to ensure you are · firstly removing the congestion successfully, and secondly to what extent it is successful, in order to recommend the clients next facial.


Second-hand Woods lamp on stand – rolling castors on tripod stand, flexible arm with hydraulic pump for positioning of lamp. Black and white combination light operated via flick switch.

This has Scratches to the black light surround which can be seen in the gallery images. The lamp has been PAT tested to Nov 2020 and is in working order.

■ Power cold·light:._2 x 9 Watt
■ Power black•light: 4 x 4 Watt
■ Magnification: 3,5 dioptres
■ Lens head diameter:110 mm
■ Size of lens head: 250x3l0 mm
■ Maximum reach: approx. 1,200 mm


■ Voltage: 230V/50-60 Hz
■ Maximum reach: approx. 1,200 m
■ Height with tripod:600 – 1,600 m
■ Weight (lamp only) approx 5.5kg