Ionto Relax Classic Wellness Bed

Second-hand Ionto Relax Classic Wellness Bed

Fully Automatic treatment bed with 85cm width cushion with heating.

Sturdy solid bed excellent for Massage. With segmented backrest option this bed is perfect for Cosmetic applications, as well as Massage and Wellness treatments. Lowest height setting provides comfortable work height for pressure point massages and use of footbaths.



Second-hand Ionto Relax Classic Wellness Bed

This is in very good condition, for the base panels and housing, structure, motors and hand remote control. There is some slight marking on the upholstery cushion.

It is fully electric with electric adjustment to height, seat tilt, back adjustment and foot/leg adjustment. The Headrest can be adjusted manually by a lever under the head section.

The armrests also adjust manually to provide a comfortable positioning for prone position massage with a removable face hole in the cushion.

This has heating which has been checked as operating efficiently with all LED lights working which can be seen in the images.

Four motors fully electric adjustment.

Heating can be adjusted to increase/decrease intensity – 5 LED lights show level of heating

As a safety feature the heating automatically shuts off after 90 minutes, but can be switched on again directly if required.

Heated luxury 85cm width cushion

Segmented backrest




Dimensions: Length: 1960 mm
Upholstery width: 850 mm
Foot width: 520 x 1500 mm
Seat/couch height: 580 mm – 890 mm
Weight: approx. 120 kg