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Pevonia Launches new website for Spa Equipment

May sees the launch of Pevonia UK’s new website dedicated to quality spa equipment and accessories.

Included for sale this year, is the new treatment bed manufactured by Pevonia’s partner IONTO-COMED and sold by Pevonia.

The top-of-the-range IONTO-SPA Sensity is a wellness treatment bed in a class of its own. A versatile, deluxe, fully automatic multi-use treatment couch, with the flexibility of positioning as a treatment chair or massage wellness bed and numerous positions in between.

The perfectly co-ordinated interaction of the two lifting columns with three divided cushion elements, results in configurations for Massage, Osteopaths, Cosmetic Treatments, Face and Body Treatments, and Relaxation.

The IONTO-SPA Sensity comes with the choice of an optional storage base cupboard. A further option is the addition of a light bar, with a spectrum of colours, to give the appearance of floating and providing further ambience for the treatment experience.

The bed is also available with Soundmotion. Imagine that you can hear the gentle sound of the sea, now you can feel it all over your body! The sound couch is programmed to transmit the vibrations of music, or sounds, to the body. This has a proven anti-stress and relaxation effect, and also increases circulation.

With a number of extras, including heating, it is possible for the bed to be customised to each business’s requirements. The fully-specified IONTO-SPA Sensity Evolution combines music, vibration and light, to address the senses for the most pleasant of experiences.

The IONTO-SPA Sensity is available now. For further details please call Carla Merry at Pevonia UK on 01449 727004.